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About Cline Law Group

CLINE LAW GROUP is a firm of experienced legal professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality representation to healthcare providers in the State of Indiana in a variety of areas and forums. Unlike other firms that represent healthcare professionals as a small part of a larger defense practice, the Cline Law Group concentrates its practice in one area of the law, medical negligence defense. And while the defense of healthcare providers can take many forms, and proceed in many forums, all of the Cline Law Group attorneys and paralegals have experience in representing and assisting clients in the various capacities, including proceedings before the Indiana professional licensing boards, the Indiana Department of Insurance, Indiana State Courts and the United States District Courts. They are often consulted as experts in the field. The Cline Law Group professionals also care deeply about the ethics of the practice of law and the need to preserve the integrity of the profession and the law. When the Firm was created in 2015 and continuing today, the Cline Law Group has insisted on having only the best and the brightest as part of its team, and only those that truly believe in their work and the providers that they serve, those that are willing to go above and beyond to get the job done and to do the right thing. The legal professionals of the Cline Law Group pride themselves in their ability to efficiently and effectively represent their clients in all matters in all necessary forums.

The members of the Cline Law Group also believe that the practice of law is about more than simply representing clients. They care deeply about their community and their place in it. All are involved in community and educational endeavors beyond the practice of law, as it is the experience of life that instills the uniqueness and individuality that make better lawyers, and better lawyers better represent the community that they serve.

Experience. Focus. Results.

Susan E. Cline, Founding Partner